Grenton laboratorijos atidarymas Lodzės technologijos universitete

Grenton, the producer of the innovative Smart Home system, is actively involved in the development of higher education in Poland.

The Grenton company together with the Department of Apparatus in the Electronic University of Technology has launched the intelligent building control laboratory. The laboratory was solemnly opened by the dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science and Automation, dr hab. Eng. Sławomir Hausman, head of the Department of Apparatus and Electrical Engineering, prof. Piotr Borkowski and the CEO of Grenton Jacek Gzyl.

From the academic season 2018/2019 there will be classes conducted by three faculties of the Technical University:

- Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology and Automation;

- Construction, Architecture and Environmental Engineering

- Process Engineering and Environmental Protection.

The laboratory is equipped with 8 didactic positions, with which students will be able to learn the concept, design and programming of the building management system.

We wish students fruitful learning.