The Grenton’s Smart Home system in the FAKRO showroom

From the presentation of the potential of synergistic cooperation of both entities at BUDMA 2019, the companies have brought the scope of their operational activities even closer. From the end of 2020, in the showroom at the FAKRO headquarters, you can see the full integration of the Grenton’s Smart Home system with window automation products offered by FAKRO.

“FAKRO is consistently implementing its plan to provide its customers with innovative and complete solutions. Thanks to the integration with Smart Home systems, such as Grenton, our product portfolio is even more competitive and available to our current and future customers "- Michał Hajduga Manager of FAKRO Automation Products

Grenton, on the other hand, while preparing the presentation of its system at FAKRO's headquarters, counts on the continuation of the process of building awareness and availability of its product among FAKRO customers and partners.

“Today our partnership has taken on another tangible dimension. Customers, guests and employees visiting the FAKRO showroom will now be able to empirically check how the integration with the Grenton’s Smart Home system works. Automatic closing of windows when closing the house, controlling the window awning depending on the need to provide additional light to the room, opening at a given angle depending on the activity of the ventilation systems, closing when forecasting a downpour are only some of the functionalities available after integration. Thus, our system, together with the wide portfolio of FAKRO products, is an excellent choice for those customers who value high quality and comfort of life "- says Marek Polit, Sales Director at Grenton

Both organizations agree that this is not the end of the joint product synergy effects.