Grenton Discovery - Plug and play

Instalacja elektryczna inteligentna projekt inteligentnego budynku

Manual configuration of smart house modules? It's just unimaginable. GRENTON System comes with features that will make it easy to prepare the initial configuration and add or replace modules. Just press the "Discovery" button to have GRENTON identify all the modules connected, check their configuration and introduce changes.

How does it work?

By activating GRENTON Discovery, you are asking Object Manager to send out a query that is picked up by CLU logical nodes. Those modules will then check the inputs/outputs they are connected to and will send a reply to the Object Manager. This way with a single touch you can prepare the system for further configuration.

Grenton Discovery is fully automated and requires no knowledge of the communication protocols within the systems to operate.

The whole process takes only a couple of seconds and does not require any additional knowledge of module communication protocols. Why would you need to know things like that? The only thing you need to do is connect the modules using the cable provided (it's hard to make a mistake there), activate Object Manager and press the "Discovery" button. 

What if I want to add a new module?

If a need arises to connect an additional module to the system, you only need to activate GRENTON Discovery once more, to have the module appear in the system, ready to use. This way you can add new modules over time without worrying about the means to connect them.

Module replacement is as easy.

Simple configuration of new modules is just a part of what the Discovery function does. Should you need to replace any of the modules, by using the Discovery function you can make sure that the predefined configuration is sent to the replacement module. There is no need for pointless clicking that only wastes your time.